Re: Regarding CArchive,Files and CSockets

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 2 Jan 2008 20:56:50 -0800
I agree with Scott. I use XML formatted packets so that they can easily be
written to a disk (log) file when I want to see what's happening with the
flow, but I'd stay away from CArchive for this kind of purpose and just go
with CAsyncSocket.

You may find this write up to be a good start:


"James Simpson" <> wrote in message

Hello again,
I am trying to work on creating the client/server portion of my solution
MFC. I think I got a handle on threading and sockets a bit so far.
Essentially each connection on the client/server side uses this type of
CSocket CurSocket;
CSocketFile CurSocketFile(&CurSocket,TRUE);
CArchive arSend(&CurSocketFile,CArchive::store);
CArchive arRecv(&CurSocketFile,CArchive::load);

(e.g. it creates a socket if it doesn't have one, and attaches the
CSocketFile and CArchive classes to allow data to be streamed into out of
socket). I can send a CString and some basic data types by simply using
and calling flush afterwards to send the data and use >> on the receiving
to receive the data. The problem that I have, however is sending files
CArchive interface. How do you use CArchive to send the data to the
or client?


James Simpson
Straightway Technologies Inc.

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