Re: Multi-Byte Application with XP Theme

David Wilkinson <>
Sat, 08 Mar 2008 08:18:07 -0500
David Lowndes wrote:

Thank for the input. I'm concerned with the potential bug, so now I don't
know if I should switch to Unicode, or give up on XP Themes! The only thing
that is keeping me from going to Unicode is the fact that I have to change
my socket class. ;)

Other than the issue with the edit control, I'm not aware of any
subtle issues, and if the edit control issue happens it'd be hard to

Having said that, unless you have a code base that would be nigh on
impossible to move to Unicode without a big risk of getting something
wrong, I'd recommend the Unicode route.


I have a legacy VC6 application that has always supported Win9x, and I really
don't want to the remove that support now. So I don't want to convert it to
Unicode (or move it from VC6). But I have added a (external) theme/Vista-aware
manifest to it without problems (it doesn't use CEditView). I have also added an
external theme manifest to VC6 itself, and it runs without problems (on XP Pro).

[I have moved the development version of this application to Unicode and VC9.]

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP

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