Re: copy pointer CSocket class

David Wilkinson <>
Sat, 15 Mar 2008 09:00:08 -0400
Rehmet wrote:

Hi MFC Gurus,

I have some problems which I need to copy a pointer of class object
(derived from CSocket).

I am using operator = so that I could use temp1=temp; //both are
objects from the same class.
so that when temp is destroyed, I would still have temp1 data.

however, this is not working since when I use temp1->Send(data, size);
it is not invoking anything in client appl.

Thank you.


class mysocket : public CSocket

    CDialog *dlg;
    CString name;

    virtual ~mysocket();
    void setparent(CDialog *dlg);
    virtual void OnAccept(int errcode);
    virtual void OnReceive(int errcode);
    virtual void OnClose(int errcode);

    mysocket& operator=(const mysocket& clonethis)
        return *this;




In order to use a copy after the original is destroyed, you must copy the
object, not the pointer.

But as others have noted, you should not be copying CSocket, so you need to
change your design.

As others have also noted, you should use CAsyncSocket rather than CSocket.

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP

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