Re: Diaglog/Threading Data Exchange Question

"Tom Serface" <>
Fri, 20 Jun 2008 16:02:53 -0700
I wouldn't try to access anything in any of the UI components in the UI
thread from a worker thread. There are just too many chances for problems.
How about a message handler that you can call with SendMessage() that
returns true or false. Then you'd just need the pointer to the dialog
window and your could send a message to it (SendMessage will wait until the
message is handled) and you could return your information without going
through all that indirection. If you move the window in the future or
rename it you won't have to change any casts. All SendMessage needs is a
CWnd * (or you could use the SDK version with a window handle).

You could pass in a pointer to a CStringArray to have the dialog fill it in
with the current contents from the list box if you need to see the data ...


"Scott Kraemer" <> wrote in message


I have learned a lot from all of you, and I hope to over come my latest
road block. I have a smal IRC Chat client I am making.

I have a Dialog Box with Control and I use a worker thread for connecting
to IRC - That Thread will update controls on the Dialog by sending

Now my problem is in the ListBox Control that I have extended to do popup
menu with various commands.
I need to be able to read that controls methods from within the Thread.

so I need to do this from within my IRC Socket thread:
(code not exact - pseudo code)

CListBoxEx myUsers; //Defined in my DialogClass

(inside my worker thread)
CString fromName;
CString inputLine;

So I have learned to do PostMessages from Worker thread to add/remove
users/add chat text to Dialog...But how can I access
my Dialogs Member Functions like above?

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