Re: Deaf CAsyncSocket on Windows Service.

"David Ching" <>
Mon, 19 Jan 2009 06:33:09 -0800
"Ricardo Vazquez" <> wrote in message

Hi everyone,

This is my problem:
On an application of mine, which is a Windows Service, developed with VC++
6.0, I use an UDP CAsyncSocket derived class.
On most installations (nearly one hundred different PCs) it runs
But there are two installations (one has Win2000, the other Win2003) where
we find this problem:
After several hours running (20 - 30 hours), it suddenly becomes deaf.

Can you attach to the service process and debug it? If so, it becomes easy
to see what your CAsyncSocket is doing.

I've heard that CAsyncSocket may have problems when used within a Windows
Can any of you confirm this information?
Is it true that CAsyncSocket should not be used in Windows Services?
Is there a way to patch this supposed bug?
Should I turn to Platform SDK plain "SOCKET"?

I don't know about CAsyncSocket and services. But if you want an
alternative to SOCKET, try Ultimate TCP/IP from CodeProject (open source).

-- David

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