Re: Update service without restarting it

"AliR" <AliR@online.nospam>
Tue, 22 Sep 2009 09:43:31 -0500
If it was me I would talk to the service using sockets, instead of writing
to a file.

If you insist on writing to a file, this might work, have the service look
for the file, once it finds it, it reads the content and then deletes the
file. And then waits for a new one to appear. In your UI app, it can
simply wait until the file no longer exists to write out a new one. But
this is very very ugly if you ask me.


"learning forum" <> wrote in message

Thanks everyone for the response.
I explain the scenario below.....

I am communicating 2 - system using socket. One UI application and Others
Trough UI , i am writing some command into the file and my service is
continuously reading that file and pass the data to the client. (as per
design which can not be changed)
Problem comes when I keep on re-write into the file, service could not get
refreshed and does not respond on the command (read from the file).
Query is : I dont want restart service again and again while any change in
So Is there any other way (using c++ or window api) to update the service
without restarting it ?

Thanks a million to all.

"Scot T Brennecke" wrote:

learning forum wrote:

In my current application everytime i have to call stop() and start()
update the service.
Is there any other way (using c++ or window api) to update the service
without restarting it ?

Thanks in advance .. !!

Ali's response was correct with regard to replacing the .exe file that
runs the service. However, if you put the meat of your
service into a DLL, you could then provide some command that would tell
the service you want to unload the DLL and let you "hot
swap" a new one into its place. But really, is all this pain necessary?

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