Re: Newcomer's CAsyncSocket example: trouble connecting with other clients

"David Ching" <>
Tue, 11 May 2010 18:37:59 -0700
"stephen park" <> wrote in message

Can you only connect to his server app by using CAsyncSocket?

Of course not! It would be a very poor server if the client also had to use
CAsyncSocket! :-)

My current little bit of learning is to write a .net console app using
TcpClient to connect to it and send a message, but the message isn't
going through. The server shows a socket has been attached, but no
message gets sent, and then the socket disconnects with a message

?.?.?.? [?] Closed

OK, yes, I realize that this is an MFC group, but I'm also
unsuccessful writing an mfc console app that uses CSocket. Well,
anyway, here's the .net version:

Console::WriteLine( "Sending message" );

TcpClient^ client = gcnew TcpClient( IP, PORT );

NetworkStream ^stream = client->GetStream();

String^ msg = "hello there";
array<Byte>^data = Text::Encoding::ASCII->GetBytes( msg );

try {
stream->Write( data, 0, data->Length );
catch( Exception ^e) {
Console::WriteLine( e->StackTrace );


Nothing really seems to jump out at me, but maybe someone else can see

Congratulations on discovering C++/CLI to experiment with .NET. Coming from
native C++, it's much easier to grasp than C#. I used it as a stepping
stone to C#.

Anyway, are you sure the server is getting a connection? I don't see how
because you never call TcpClient::Connect(). And you don't specify the IP
or port of the server either. (I believe the IP/port you specify in the
TcpClient::TcpClient() is the client endpoint (you give the IP address
assigned to your network card and the desired port you want to send out
of ).

-- David

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