Application crashes when closed

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Wed, 9 May 2007 09:31:03 -0700

  I have a windows application written using MFC , VC++ 6.0, I am using the
Application Verifier debugging tool to solve some bugs in my application.
When running in debug mode with the Application Verifier running in the
background, the application crashes when I close it. I have overriden the
OnClose method to do the following :

     void CRecorder6Dlg::OnClose()
    char HeaderID[MAX_UID_LEN +10];
    char TxIP[20]; //change
    CFileFind finder;
    SHORT TimeOut = 0;
    SYSTEMTIME Timey ; //System time structure
    Ptr2 = &Timey;
    char cDate[11];
    char cTime[9] ;


    if (MessageBox("Are you sure you want to exit?","Shutdown?",MB_YESNO |
        ClosingDown = true;

        StatbarR.SetText("Closing................. ",0,0);


        TimeOut = 0;
        threadrecvlive = FALSE;
        ThreadOTARLive = FALSE;
        threadDBlive = FALSE;
        StatbarR.SetText("Stopping Receive Thread................. ",0,0);
        while (!threadrecvlive && (TimeOut < 100))

        TimeOut = 0;
        StatbarR.SetText("Stopping OTAR Thread................. ",0,0);
        while (!ThreadOTARLive && (TimeOut < 10))

        TimeOut = 0;
        StatbarR.SetText("Stopping Database Thread................. ",0,0);
        while (!threadDBlive && (TimeOut < 10))

//Shut down Playthread thread
        TimeOut = 0;
        threadplaylive = FALSE;
        StatbarR.SetText("Stopping Playback Thread................. ",0,0);
        while(!threadplaylive && TimeOut< 50)

//Shut down "Get Disk Size" thread
        TimeOut = 0;
        threadGetSpace = FALSE;
        StatbarR.SetText("Stopping Diskspace-Check Thread................. ",0,0);
        while(!threadGetSpace && TimeOut< 50)

//Close any left open files

        memset(HeaderID,0,sizeof(HeaderID));//Null array
        sprintf(HeaderID,"%-s","ID Recorder Terminated ");//ANI tag-> ID
        memset(TxIP,0,sizeof(TxIP));//Null array,No IP info on Rx //change
        sprintf(TxIP,"%-s","IP"); //ADD IP Tag //change
        for (int i=1; i<=MAX_CHANS; i++)
                mmioWrite(prx[i]->File_Compr,(HPSTR)HeaderID,MAX_UID_LEN);//Write empty
ANI to PCM file
                mmioWrite(prx[i]->File_Compr,(HPSTR)TxIP,sizeof(TxIP)); //Write empty IP
to PCM File //change

                mmioWrite(ptx[i]->File_Compr,(HPSTR)HeaderID,MAX_UID_LEN);//Write empty
ANI to PCM file //change
                mmioWrite(ptx[i]->File_Compr,(HPSTR)TxIP,sizeof(TxIP));//Write IP to PCM


//Compress remaining PCM files

        if (BOOL bWorkingClose = finder.FindFile(cFolderTelwave))
            StatbarR.SetText("Compressing Files, Please
Wait................................. ",0,0);//Ver 1.1.0
            while (bWorkingClose)
                Sleep(30);//Ver 1.1.0
                bWorkingClose = finder.FindNextFile();
                bWorkingClose = finder.FindFile(cFolderTelwave);

//Shut down Compression thread
        TimeOut = 0;
        threadComPress = FALSE;
        StatbarR.SetText("Stopping Compression Thread................. ",0,0);
        while(!threadComPress && TimeOut< 50)

//Clean up Rx and Tx class pointers
        StatbarR.SetText("Closing................. ",0,0);
        for (int p=1; p<=MAX_CHANS; p++)
            if (prx[p]!=NULL)
                delete prx[p];
            if (ptx[p]!=NULL)
                delete ptx[p];
           mic[p]->teardown(p); //error line
            if (mic[p]!=NULL)
                delete mic[p];

//Close DataBase
        if (!TelexDB.IsOpen())

        CompressClose(); //Close compresion stuff
        Statbar_fontR.DeleteObject();//Delete font object

        //Adding "Network Recorder Closed" entry to the Date_timeLog.txt file
        ofstream out("C:\\Program Files\\Telex
Vega\\LogFiles\\Date_TimeLog.txt",ios::app); // Open for writing
        out << "Network Recorder closed\t" << cDate<<"\t"<<cTime<<"\n";


I crashes at the line : see for "//error line "above. Tear down is a user
defined function, and it fails in the setsockopt function

setsockopt(sock, IPPROTO_IP, IP_DROP_MEMBERSHIP,(char FAR
*)&mreq,sizeof(mreq)); which is called inside teardown.

When I verified the value of sock, the value was 000000 and I thought that
was the cause of it. I commented out that line and it started throwing error
in the previous line's tear down function. I commented out everything in the
for loop and now it gives me another error .

 <avrf:message>Unloading DLL containing an active critical
  <avrf:parameter1>10103944 - Critical section address.</avrf:parameter1>
  <avrf:parameter2>0 - Critical section initialization stack
  <avrf:parameter3>1730fe8 - DLL name address.</avrf:parameter3>
  <avrf:parameter4>10000000 - DLL base address.</avrf:parameter4>
- <avrf:stackTrace>

Another imp piece of information: When I try to build my project in Debug
mode, I get two warnings all the time:

LINK : warning LNK4098: defaultlib "LIBCMT" conflicts with use of other
libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library
LINK : warning LNK4098: defaultlib "MSVCRT" conflicts with use of other
libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library

I tried to add /NODEFAULTLIB:MSVCRTD.LIB and LIBCMTD.LIB in ignore files in
my Project settings under Link tab. But it was of no use.

Are these problems interlinked? I read somewhere that such warnings can give
rise to problems while freeing memory which I am doing in Onclose function.

Please suggest.

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