Re: Difference in Time

Norbert Unterberg <nunterberg@newsgroups.nospam>
Tue, 03 Apr 2007 23:58:02 +0200
Trecius schrieb:

I am creating an application that works much like the old Task Scheduler. I
have a specific time I want to do an action. For example, every Sunday at
8:00 PM, I want to do my action. My approach is to simply create a thread
and have it ::WaitForSingleObject on a waitable timer. The only problem I'm
having is how can I determine the number of seconds between NOW and the next
Sunday at 8:00 PM? Thank you.

When you create a waitable timer, you can set it to the abslolute time. See
documentation of the pDueTime argument of the SetWaitableTimer function. If it
is positive, it is the absolute time when the timer expires, not the duration.
You can set that time by filling a SYSTEMTIME struct and converting it into the
required FILETIME with SystemTimeToFileTime().

BTW, you should wait on the timer with ::WaitForMultipleObjects. The second
obejct would be a stop event that would allow the user to end the wait in case
he changed his mind about the timer.


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