VB6 compatible Dll created with VC++6 problems using afxsock functions

"matthieu.bocktaels" <matthieu.bocktaels@laposte.net>
23 Jun 2006 01:49:37 -0700

I've got a problem using send() function (defined in afxsock.h) in a
VB6 compatible DLL that I've made.

Let me explain the situation :

I'm coding a Server-Client application.
- The server runs on a XPEmbedded Windows, and is programmed with
VC++6. Sockets declarations and recv() & send() function are defined in

- The client runs on a Windows XP Fammily edition and is programmed in
VB6. I had some problems in making the both communicate beacause of the

limited size of paquets that can be send with winsock SendData in VB.
More over I had already written the Client program in VC++6 using
afxsock, that worked very well.

So I had written a VB6 compatible DLL with VC++ that I've included in
my VB code.

The Dll launches well as I can display some MsgBox, but the characters
send to the server aren't received altough the code is hardly the same
to my VC++ client program.

Are there some cautions to use send() in a Dll ?

Here are some pieces of my codes:

 ///// Client Dll /////////////////////

#define TRANSF_DTF 20

void __stdcall Transfert_DTF(LPSTR string)

WSADATA initialisation_win32;
SOCKET socketID;
SOCKADDR_IN Sock_addr;
unsigned char buffer[PAQUETETH];
unsigned char buffer_ack[4];
char temp[30];
int packetnbr, packetnbr_ack;
int size;

MessageBox(NULL,"Enter the DLL","Message",MB_OK);

hFile = CreateFile( string, // open file
        GENERIC_READ, // open for reading
        FILE_SHARE_READ, // share for reading
        NULL, // no security
        OPEN_EXISTING, // existing file only
        FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, // normal file
        NULL); // no attr. template

        if (hFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
                MessageBox(NULL, "Error", "Message", MB_OK);

        size = GetFileSize(hFile,NULL);
        sprintf(temp, "size : %d", size);

        // Winsock Initialization





        buffer_ack[3] = TRANSF_DTF;

        compt = send(socketID, (char*)buffer_ack, 4, 0);
        sprintf(temp, "Send : %d", compt);

        compt = recv(socketID,(char*)buffer_ack,4,0);
        sprintf(temp, "Recv : %d", compt);


 ///// Server///////////

// Same initialisations, then : //

transf_sock = accept(socketID,(struct
popup(hWnd, "accepted", 40, NOIR); // display function

if(transf_sock == INVALID_SOCKET)
        sprintf(temp,"error invalid transf_sock n=B0 %d",
        popup(hWnd, temp, 10, NOIR);


sprintf(temp, "interception : % d\n", (UCHAR)buffer_ack[3]);
popup(hWnd, temp, 70, NOIR);


Both programs are blocked as the server don't receive the first 4

Someone can help me ?



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