Re: WSAEWOULDBLOCK second time I connect to the server?

"Michael K. O'Neill" <>
Mon, 21 Aug 2006 08:38:45 -0700
WSAEWOULDBLOCK is perfectly normal, at least for non-blocking sockets. It
indicates that the socket has been designated as non-blocking, and that the
operation would impermissibly block if carried out at this time.

Your program must always expect this error code and process it correctly.

If you are uncertain about how to "process it correctly", then maybe it
would be better if you gain some more skill with blocking sockets before you
progress to non-blocking sockets. Blocking sockets will always carry out
the requested operation (like connect() or recv()), even if the operation
would block.


"Anders Eriksson" <> wrote in message


I'm using CAsyncSocket to connect to a server (running on a linux system).
The first time I connect everything works perfectly, but the second time I
get an WSAEWOULDBLOCK error and everything halts

I'm guessing that when I ended the session I did something wrong and the
server is still processing my session

some code snippets:
class meAsyncSocket : public CAsyncSocket

// init sockets and connect
m_pSocket = new meAsyncSocket(this->GetSafeHwnd());
brc = m_pSocket->Create(/*m_hostport*/);
return ShowError1(m_pSocket->GetLastError(),_T("Unable to create

// connect
brc = m_pSocket->Connect(m_hostaddress,m_hostport);
  crc = m_pSocket->GetLastError();
  m_cmdStatus = 1;
gLog.LOG(11,_T("LoadMask(0) Done"),eDebug);gLog.Write();
return ShowError1(m_pSocket->GetLastError(),_T("Unable to Connect to

// end connection
delete m_pSocket;
m_pSocket = NULL;


Hopefully someone can see what I have done wrong!

// Anders
English is not my first, or second, language
so anything strange, or insulting, is due to
the translation.
Please correct me so I may learn better English!

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