Re: Sockets: recv=-1 BUT WSAGetLastError=0 (??)

"Michael K. O'Neill" <>
Fri, 2 Mar 2007 09:31:02 -0800
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"Ricardo Vazquez" <> wrote in message

Hi everyone!

Something weird is happening with an application of mine:
It works OK on any computer but on one (I have nearly one hundred
installations made, up and running).
The computer on which it is not running is: WinXP professional 2002 SP2 on
AMD Athlon64

Mainly my app is a TCP server.
Each client has a listening thread with a loop and a call to the platform
SDK Windows sockets blocking (synchronous) "recv" function
( -code below.

According to MS documentation when function "recv" returns SOCKET_ERROR
(-1), an error can be therefore retrieved with WSAGetLastError.
As you can see, I check WSAGetLastError immediately after returning recv.
This works perfectly in every computer.
But on this very one computer out of 100, several times a day, "recv"
returns SOCKET_ERROR (-1), BUT WSAGetLastError returns 0 (!!!)
Sniffing the TCP traffic via Ethereal software I can see that, in fact,


TCP connection is still up: so it is the "recv" function that is telling


a lie.

Has this happened to anyone out there?
Have you find any Windows or Athlon64 known bug regarding this matter
(recv=-1 but WSAGetLastError=0)?
Can you think of a way to make my application work on this problematic

Thank you very much!

Ricardo V?zquez.
Madrid, Spain.

--------------- CODE ---------------
int CClientThread::Run()
 char msg[maxLen];

 while (!bExit) {
  int nRet = recv(clientSocket, msg, maxLen, 0);
  if (nRet == SOCKET_ERROR && bExit) {
   // Stop closes clientSocket on exit. WSAETIMEDOUT
   err.Format("Stop closes clientSocket on exit");
   g_logSystem.logWarning(0, err);
  else if (nRet == SOCKET_ERROR)
   int nErr = WSAGetLastError();
   if (nErr == 0)
    err.Format("recv=-1 but WSAGetLastError=0 from client %s on socket
%ld.", clientId, clientSocket);
    g_logSystem.logWarning(0, err);
    err.Format("Connection lost with client %s on socket %ld. Error code
%ld: recv() = SOCKET_ERROR", clientId, clientSocket, nErr);
    g_logSystem.logWarning(0, err);

    return SOCKET_ERROR;
  else if (!nRet) {
   // Connection has been gracefully closed.
   err.Format("Client %s with socket %ld has closed the connection: recv()


0 (apparently)", clientId, clientSocket);
   g_logSystem.logNormal(0, err);

   return 0;
  else {
   // Proccess message:
   msg[nRet] = 0x0;
   err.Format("[Cli %ld] Received: %s", clientSocket, msg);
   g_logSystem.logNormal(4, err);

   CString sMensaje;
   sMensaje = CStrTok(msg, "%");
   while (!sMensaje.IsEmpty())
    sMensaje = CStrTok("", "%");
 return 0;

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