Re: CAsyncSocket Assertion When Terminating

"Michael K. O'Neill" <>
Wed, 25 Apr 2007 10:53:26 -0700
"Joe" <> wrote in message

Scott, Hi. My ?final? application will have a derived class, but in the


of narrowing down the possible problems I?ve tried using CAsyncSocket
directly. I get the same error if I use my derived class or CAsyncSocket

Line 234 in socketcore.cpp in VC 6.0 is inside of CAsyncSoccket::Close().

VERIFY(SOCKET_ERROR != closesocket(m_hSocket));

Maybe my socket handle is semi-gone at this point? The line before 234


if (m_hSocket != INVALID_SOCKET) {

so the handle isn?t INVALID_SOCKET.

Just now, as a test, I assigned INVALID_SOCKET to m_hSocket in my
OnDestroy(), and I don?t get the Assertion.

I also, just as a test, removed the above assignment and added a button to
my GUI to call Close(), then I exited my app, and no Assertion. I looks


I need to position the Close() in the proper place in my View.

Is this the code that's giving the assert:

void CAsyncSocket::Close()
   if (m_hSocket != INVALID_SOCKET)
    VERIFY(SOCKET_ERROR != closesocket(m_hSocket));
    CAsyncSocket::KillSocket(m_hSocket, this);
    m_hSocket = INVALID_SOCKET;

If so, then one helpful way to diagnose winsock errors is to call
WSAGetLastError(). I recognize that the above code is part of MFC and can't
be changed, but you could insert the call to WSAGetLastError() directly
after your call to Close(), and then after the assert fires, you could
continue with single-step execution and then tell us what WSAGetLastError()
returns. (My guess it that WSAGetLastError() will return WSAENOTSOCK.)

Don't change the socket handle to INVALID_SOCKET. As you and others have
recognized, it's a terrible hack that masks the coding error without fixing

One thought about the source of the error. You mentioned that the call to
Close() is inside the OnDestroy() handler. Depending on where Close() is
called inside the handler, the window might have already been destroyed.
The reason that this might be important, is that CAsyncSocket works by
creating a hidden window. (The WndProc of this hidden window is the thing
that's responsible for calling all your OnReceive and other OnXxx
functions.) Maybe the hidden window has also already been destroyed too,
which somehow leads to the assert you are seeing.


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