Re: problem creating asyncSocket in XP

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Tue, 8 Apr 2008 00:38:00 -0700
Hi Joseph thank you for your reply,
The thing is, forgetting about the remote site, the first time i call create
and connect it raised the onconnect with the
"WSAECONNREFUSED" so after this error i close the socket and try to create
and connect again and it is in the second try when it never raises the
onconnect event ever again. If i don??t call close and try to create and
connect again it does raise the event (but that its not a good solution of

"Joseph M. Newcomer" wrote:

Well, is the remote site waiting (asynchronously) on an Accept? This sounds more like a
problem with the remote server than the local client. Did you write the server? If the
errors below are indicative of the design of the server, it would not surprise me that it
is not working correctly. The code below is wrong, and equivalent code on a server would
be wrong.

On Mon, 7 Apr 2008 02:35:00 -0700, tabataa <> wrote:

Yes, i??m trying to connect to the same ip, in fact, even though i get that
error at the connect call it??s still working, i??m getting the WSAECONNREFUSED
onconnect when there??s no end point, and ok when there is. The problem is
that when the end point close the socket and i try to connect again it never
raised the onconnect call

"Joseph M. Newcomer" wrote:

See below...
On Fri, 28 Mar 2008 03:44:00 -0700, tabataa <> wrote:

I am migration a program running on Nt to XP, in NT everything works fine,
but in XP the connect call fails with a weird error (183), i catch the error
and continue with the execution as if it returns a WSAEWOULDBLOCK, when i get
the message in Onconnet (response time expired, the ip i am connecting to is
not connected) i close the socket and try again, but the next time i do the
create it crash with the same error (183)... the weird thing is that the same
code is perfectly running on NT.
Thanks in advance
int CClisock::NCreaSocket()
    int nErr;

//creo el socket
    if (Create( /*PORT_NUM, SOCK_STREAM,
    m_bConnected = FALSE;
        m_bHaySock = FALSE;
        return -1;

    //me intento conectar para mantener una conexion establecida
    if (Connect(m_sDirIp, PORT_NUM) == 0)
        nErr = GetLastError();
What part of the documentation had you failed to read? The type of Connect is a BOOL, and
therefore comparing it to an integer is poor style. This would be properly written as
    if(!Connect(m_sDirip, PORT_NUM))

         if (nErr != WSAEWOULDBLOCK)
            m_pInfof->VInfof(INFO_ERR, "NCreaSocket Connect Err: %d", nErr);


            return -1;

    m_bHaySock = TRUE;

    return 1;
Is this supposed to indicate success? If so, why does it make sense if the connection
failed? You have not shown what you do if this function returns 1 (why is it not a BOOL
since it appears the only values it can return are success (1) and failure (-1)?).

You have not shown your OnConnect handler.

There is no way to tell from this example what is going on.

Are you saying nError==183 at the point where you call GetLastError()? Are you trying to
call Connect on the same IP address with the same port?

There's far too much missing to make sense of this.


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Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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