Re: Program Crashes On Exit

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 6 Dec 2007 21:08:45 -0800
It's tough to tell from the code you posted, but you could be getting hit by
a reference count thing in CString. Is it msg that has a "bad pointer". If
so, then it could be that the optimizer decided to pass it through as a
reference, but the original got deleted. I haven't seen that happen in a
long time though. Are you using 6.0?


"billyard" <> wrote in message

I must be close, because I think that's what I'm doing. The only thing I
wasn't doing was handling it on the OnClose event. I added the OnClose
event and the problem still exists. Here's some of the code - I hope this
makes it apparent what I'm doing wrong. Thanks again in advance.

void CMainFrame::OnMailGetNewMail()
myPOP3.Connect(pszUser, pszPassword, false);
CString NumberOfEmails = strStat.Mid(0,strStat.Find(" "));
int intEmails = atoi(NumberOfEmails);

for ( int i = 1; i <= intEmails; i++)
   myPOP3.GetMail(i, &strMail);

void CMainFrame::OnClose()

BOOL CPop3::Close()
// Disable receiving on ServerSock.
shutdown( m_sPop3Socket, 0x00 );
// Close the socket.
closesocket( m_sPop3Socket );
m_bSocketOK = false;
m_bConnected = false;
return true;

BOOL CPop3::SetLastError(CString msg)
m_strLastError = msg; // <<<<<--- WHERE ERROR OCCURS - BAD PTR
return true;

The error ONLY happens if I stop the program while it is retrieving mail.
Any ideas?

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