Re: Strange problem about register window class

"Scott McPhillips [MVP]" <org-dot-mvps-at-scottmcp>
Thu, 05 Apr 2007 00:45:10 -0400
<OTN9q0zdHHA.1312@TK2MSFTNGP03.phx.gbl> wrote:

One month ago I wanted to do sth else,like feeding chicken,goats,pigs
or even Yellow Mealworm which can be produced to a kind of protein
forage.So I stopped studying programming.

But I still love computer science and programming.Maybe breeding
animals is simpler than programming and easier to earn money.But I
want to have a try.If giving up,I think maybe it means saying goodbye
to programming.

If it is easier to earn money by breeding animals then you are in the
wrong place.

Learn programming, then go to the big city. There is more money in
programming :)

Your English is excellent, so you must be a pretty good student.

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

Message/WaitForSingleObject method is essentially

equivalent to it. Thus, it follows that if you shouldn't use SendMessage,
you shouldn't use PostMessage/WaitForSingleObject. But if you can use
SendMessage, why would you use the more complicated
PostMessage/WaitForSingleObject method? I gave a potential reason in one of
my "ignorable" messages, but it's really obscure and doesn't even apply to
the OP's example. In conclusion, the OP should not use
PostMessage/WaitForSingleObject, and he must decide whether or not he
should use SendMessage or PostMessage/WaitForMultipleObjects.

As I pointed out WFSO is a placeholder for a more complex situation which I would use in

I know, but I was explaining why it would be unwise to "ignore all the
other responses." Yours wasn't the only suggestion, hence my use of "twice"
and "at least a couple of people" in my reply to Scott. I didn't refer to
you, but since you brought it up, when I go back and re-read your message
that called PostMessage/WFSO a "device driver paradigm", left error
detection in WFSO an "exercise for the reader", and said the choices hinged
on "performance issues", I still can't find any hint this wasn't the way
you'd really do it. (Just imagine what you'd say if MS did that in its
documentation. <g>) I felt it should be pointed out that it's equivalent to
SendMessage, and I admit playing the devil's advocate to a degree in my
reply to you, as I fully expected it to provoke further discussion along
the lines it did. I'm glad that it did. IMO, it would be a bad mistake for
the OP to ignore the part of that subthread concerned with
SendMessage/PostMessage/WFSO/WFMO, because it's the only thing in this
thread that discusses the issues and presents the two real alternatives.

Doug Harrison
Visual C++ MVP

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