Re: Preventing task manager from closing my application.

"David Ching" <>
Mon, 14 May 2007 22:12:17 GMT
"Marcos Aguiar" <> wrote in message

Hi Guys, the reason I want to prevent the user from closing the
application it?s because this application works togheter with a
security system and we don?t want the user to shutdown the application
because it might be controlling some critical mission device and we can
?t afford to lose touch with it because some user decided to open task
manager and kill the process. Wheter it?s right or not, it?s what I
need at this moment. I?ll probably use the hooking solution.

Marcos, it might be just as good to create a watchdog process that does a
WaitForSingleObject(<handle to your critical process>) and if it is
terminated, then the wait returns and you can immediately launch the
critical process again. The critical process similarly makes sure no one
terminates the watchdog process (they restart each other). This can be
defeated by suspending both processes before terminating them, but still, it
is less draconian than globally hooking TerminateProcess().

-- David

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