Re: MFC and Worker Thread issue

"David Ching" <>
Fri, 4 Sep 2009 06:11:20 -0700
"DewPrism09" <> wrote in message

Well the problem is it was crashing in the thread function. I figured out
that DoSomeHeavyJob() is a blocking call and is taking much more time than
WaitForSingleObject() timeouts of 3000 as set in OnDestroy and destructor
added together.

Now the problem is simply how to avoid that much time. Is it possible to
the MFC dialog off from UI or make it invisible while I terminate the
thread gracefully ?

You could hide the window when Cancel is pressed, wait for your heavy job to
finish, then destroy the dialog. Outlook does something similar, but it has
the disadvantage that if you immediately run it again while it is hidden
(but not yet destroyed), it wedges itself and goes into a weird state. On
my machine, the new instance doesn't show any new downloaded messages. I
have to go into Task Manager and terminate the first instance.

So I don't much like programs that are still running even though the UI has
gone away when the user has selected Exit. But it could work like this.

I would just do something simple like immediately disable the Cancel button
after it is clicked, but leave the dialog still showing until the worker
thread has finished.

-- David

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