Re: CFileDialog hangs on Windows 2000

David Wilkinson <>
Mon, 22 May 2006 16:13:55 -0400
David Crow wrote:

See if this helps:

I have an application written in VisualStudio C++ .NET 2003
which use both
managed and MFC code (the managed code is for XML) that hangs when a
CFileDialog is created in a Windows 2000 machine. In my
development machine
(Windows XP) the app works fine, both debug and release version.
To isolate if this is a kind of bug in my app I generate a
simple SDI app
using the wizard and add the same code that creates the
CFileDialog. This app
works in the Windows 2000 machine, the file dialog works as it should.


This is the problem with Adobe Acrobat 7? Could you or someone else
summarize exactly what the issue is here. Is this a bug in

CFileDialog ?
The Platform SDK ?
Adobe Acrobat 7?

and if so, in what combination of versions? And what exactly do you have
to do with CFileDialog to cause the problem?

I am using:

VC6 with customized CFileDialog derivative (shows Places bar and fixes
OPENFILENAME size issue)

Feb 2003 SDK

On my development machine (XP Pro SP2) I have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.07,
and I have never seen this problem.

But if this is an Adobe problem, why don't they fix it?

David Wilkinson

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