Re: save array to file, read it back in

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 14 Aug 2006 12:13:11 -0700
Sorry, I didn't notice the size of the data set. You're right, the registry
would definitly not be the place of choice to store those elements. That's
a lot for XML as well, but since they seem to only be reading and writing
them when opening or closing the program it wouldn't take too much time and
it would save a lot of time in debugging.


"Joseph M. Newcomer" <> wrote in message

I typically take your approach. I use text files, these days preferrably
XML. For
something this large, the Registry is probably a non-starter. Also .ini
files, which are
limited to 64K characters, wouldn't work.

I see very little cause these days for keeping binary files of stuff
around. The only
excuses for using raw binary were "file size" (irrelevant on modern
machines) and
"efficiency" (but on a modern machine you can do a lot of text-to-binary
conversion within
a half-rotation-delay of the disk, which means that for the simplest file
you have orders
of magnitude more delay in physically reading the data than in converting
text to binary,
so "efficiency" becomes irrelevant also).

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