Re: DLL Fails to Register

"Scot T Brennecke" <>
Sat, 10 Mar 2007 20:34:02 -0600
As Ernie pointed out, that's an import library for the DLL, not just a static library. It doesn't
contain the implementation of the XML routines, just the linker resolutions for calling into the
DLL. You will need to redistribute and install, or direct your users to do so, the MSXML upon which
you are dependent. MSXML can also be used via a COM interface rather than via in-process function
calls, or as a .NET assembly (System.Xml)

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On Mar 2, 2:36 pm, "Arnie" <> wrote:

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I have a DLL project that has been working fine until recently. It
happens to be a Visio-specific DLL called "gauss" (and includes the
required .vslextension for this kind of DLL). After I tried to link
against a static library (libxml2.lib) the project seems to builds
fine, but the resulting "gauss.vsl" won't register.

I tried running regsvr32 manually by going to the directory where
gauss.vslis and typing:

regsvr32 gauss.vsl

but the error message I get is:

LoadLibrary("gauss.vsl") failed - The specified module could not be

However, the DLL _is_ in the directory, and if I rebuild gauss.vslto
not link against libxml2.lib, then it does register without problem.

Am I supposed to be able to create a DLL that uses a static library?

Any suggestions for how to solve this?



I'm guessing here. Is libxml2.lib an import library? Is there an
associated DLL? If so, can that DLL be found when you try to register yourVSL?

- Arnie

I'm not sure I know what you mean by "import library," but libxml2.lib
is specified in the project properties... Linker > Input > Additional
Dependencies. There is a libxml2.dll, but I was hoping to not use that
so that my VSL would be self-contained. (Beside the fact that Visual
Studio tells the that the libxml2.dll is corrupt.) I'm guessing that
there's just something about the loader that can't handle a DLL linked
to a static library. Can anybody verify that?


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