Re: Want Input boxes to accept unicode strings on Standard Window

David Wilkinson <>
Wed, 25 Jul 2007 05:22:16 -0400
David Ching wrote:

For XML, even if you have an Ansi (non-Unicode) XML file, if the first line
has at least

    <?xml encoding="<insert encoding">

then IE displays the XML file correctly. (IE has become our default XML
viewer.) So the "encoding" attribute means a lot here. I still don't know
if saving the XML file in Unicode (with the 0xFFEE BOM) causes the text to
be displayed correctly regardless of the "encoding" attribute. Our little
XML parser does not read Unicode XML files, nor does it honor the "encoding"
attribute. Therefore, even though it returns LPWSTR strings, they have been
converted to Unicode strings based on the CP_ANSI codepage, and that (seems
to) require the Regional Control Panel to be set to the language that was
used to create the XML file. Do you know if MSXML or some of the "big boys"
or FirstObject parsers read Unicode files?


Why don't you use UTF-8 for your XML files? That's what I do. In my
development version, I only do Unicode builds, but the GUI is UTF-16 and
the back-end (which handles the XML serialization and application
configuration file) uses UTF-8.

[This is why I am so irritated by the implicit conversion features of
CString, which AFAIK always uses the local code page to convert between
8-bit and 16-bit strings. If you could set the "code page" of CString
separately from anything else, then you could set it to UTF-8 and the
implicit conversions might actually be useful (though I would still
rather do without them). As it is, these features are tied to a concept
(the ANSI coded page) which is rapidly becoming history (thank God).]

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP

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