Re: Ini File vs Registry

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 17 Sep 2008 09:11:11 -0700
If the data is more than some settings the program uses I'd put them in XML
files (as G suggests). The registry gets too volatile when it is too large
and your data could be lost. Using an XML file is also handy when you want
to store different sets of information (documents?) and/or different
information for different users. I use the registry, but only for user
parameters that are pretty minimal in size.

I used to use the INI format, but these days I like XML a lot better and
it's easier to parse and read IMO.


"Cameron_C" <> wrote in message

Could someone offer me an opinion on whether or not storing application
specific information in an INI file rather that the registry could be
considered an "approved" technique.
Everything I have read suggests that information should be stored in the

In my case I have a bunch of User customizable reports, and I save the
customization qualifiers in an ININ file, rather than the registry, since
volume of information seems a bit large (IMHO) to keep in the registry.

I am just fishing for some advice here.


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