Re: C++ Programmer's Goldmine is on line now:

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Fri, 16 Jan 2009 10:52:02 -0700
"David Ching" <> wrote in message

Layout panels are like splitter controls that resize the child windows
according to the size of the frame. Except a panel is a child control in
a dialog like a groupbox. The layout panels respect properties of its
child controls such as Docked and Expandable/Fixed to optimally resize and
move the child controls according to how much space is available,
automatically and with no additional code.

So, I guess you're saying the controls themselves would have to change to
have docking, expandable, etc. properties, more similar to .NET.

I understand that, although it could still be accomplished by an MFC
developer. But let me say that I'm VERY glad that MS is providing the ribbon
bar, etc. instead of me buying it from a third-party developer.

Building block components such as these give us more chance to use them in
many instances of our own apps and is what MS is uniquely capable of
providing. Whereas any reputable component vendor is capable of
delivering quality end-user controls like ribbons. That's why it is
important for MS to deliver these building blocks instead of end user
controls. It also tells me that MS really hasn't invested much in MFC
internals since that is not required for things like the ribbon. Before
saying anything about renewed commitment to MFC, I would expect MS to do
something like re-hire Mike B. to give the MFC internals a thorough
overhaul to once again be able to call MFC a modern GUI framework vs. a
legacy GUI framework.

Of course, one issue with MFC is how widely used it is. Breaking
compatibility with older apps cannot be done lightly.

It's not that I don't see a value in the ribbon, it's just that it
represents the diminished deliverables of MS in general these days. The
products have value but are not optimized to deliver value. If MS is
bound and determined to deliver a ribbon, why don't they go above and
beyond what any other MFC ribbon maker has done and give a ribbon designer
in the IDE so we don't have to laboriously add code to add each individual
ribbon element? That is so 1980's.

They will definitely have a ribbon designer coming up. They are already
talking about using XML and other things that will lend themselves very well
to just that.

In the end, it sounds like you'd like something more along the lines of what
Delphi does where you can layout a lot of your window design at design time.
I've wished for this myself. But that's not likely any time soon. And I find
MFC is still better for some tasks than any other tool. So, yeah, I'm
thrilled about Microsoft adding new functionality to MFC and I expect to see
more in future releases.

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

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