Re: C++ Programmer's Goldmine is on line now:

"Tom Serface" <>
Sat, 17 Jan 2009 09:47:53 -0800
The thing I like the best about .NET programming (out of the box) is that
the IDE works so great with it. For example, if I start to type the name of
a variable that is in scope it automatically pops down a list of variables
matching the name. If I type something like:

MyObject.MyElement ==

It automatically fills out the enum MyElement represents. The syntax
highlighting is way better as well. Reading and writing XML is a breeze
(even creating classes from a DTD or schema, interfacing to COM is easier
even than VC6 used to be, plug-ins are a snap, you can use any of the .NET
syntaxes as your script language, etc. etc. etc.

I don't think .NET programs are all that much better (in fact not at all),
but the tools are so much better that programmers are being enticed into
using it because it saves so much time. I live in both worlds. If I had
all this good stuff in native I wouldn't even consider using .NET, but ...

"David Ching" <> wrote in message

.NET performance is certainly an issue but .NET apps are still very usable
even if they are noticeably less snappy than native apps. In general, all
but the most impatient will be satisfied with .NET apps running on a
reasonably modern system. Especially since the productivity of developing
in .NET means the app tends to be more full-featured and nice to use once
it gets started.

I am using Xenocode PostBuild to get around the need to have .NET

I guess we define "wiz-bang" differently. For me, the real "wiz-bang"
features of .NET are the reusable things like layout panels. I rely on
the Telerik 3rd party framework for the ribbon (which of course comes with
a designer).

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