Re: How to read an XML file in Visual C++ 6

"Tom Serface" <>
Fri, 4 Dec 2009 22:01:24 -0800
The CMarkup pro version handles just about everything.
I'm not sure if it validates against a DTD though. I don't think MSXML does
either. You could take a look at Xerces. It's huge and kind of terse to
work with, but it always works and does just about anything.


"David Webber" <> wrote in message

"marathoner" <> wrote in message

I would like to know how to read an XML file in Visual C++ 6.0

I too am returning to XML after a break, and I need to run before I can
walk: I pretty much need the full DOM to parse a complicated format
defined in a DTD.

When folk refer to the Windows interface for XML - is that what I used to
call MSXML4 (or related) and is it part of Windows from XP onwards? (I
was beginning to get the hang of that a couple of years ago.)

David Webber
Author of 'Mozart the Music Processor'
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