Re: MFC under VS2010

"David Ching" <>
Thu, 6 May 2010 17:02:16 -0700
"H Brydon" <> wrote in message

I use it the other way around. I have an unmanaged MFC app that I made
C++/CLI so that I could write some new features using System::XML (which
or may not be later used by a C# app - this avoids some duplicate effort).
The plan is to migrate the entire MFC app to managed. I have found that
and CLI are getting easier to intermingle. VS2002/2003 was dang near

In VC2005, C++/CLI was a first class .NET client, same status as VB and C#
in terms of creating .NET desktop clients. Subsequently in VC2008 (and now
in VC2010), MS declared C++/CLI to be focused on interop between native and
managed, the idea is the UI is managed and written in C#, the C++/CLI
provides any data from existing C++ libraries. As such, support for
creating managed UI from C++/CLI is deprecated, although perhaps calling BCL
things like System::XML still works. At any rate, be careful when talking
about managed UI with C++/CLI.

-- David

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