Re: Order of destructor execution.

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Mon, 23 Jul 2007 13:24:31 -0400
<f82o8d$6rs$> wrote:

unsigned getCont( void )
  MutexLocker( mut );

Not sure what 'mut' here is, but if it's a global object of some
kind, then the statement above creates (and immediately discards)
a temporary value of type 'MutexLocker'. The destructor for that
temporary is called before the following 'return' statement is

  return( cont );

Will the destructor ~MutexLocker() be executed before the copy
constructor of unsigned?

There is no "copy constructor of unsigned". Does all that clarify
the situation?

It seems logical if this return statement
could be interpreted as a placement new in the adress given by the
return variable, something like the equivalence of:

c = getCont();


  MutexLocker( mut );
  new( &c ) unsigned( cont );

If so, my code seems to be correct. Is it true?

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