problem in java question

"roohbir" <>
1 Jan 2007 23:23:24 -0800
I am relatively new to the java programming language and at the moment
am trying Java How to Program by Deitel. There is a question in the
book in the Methods chapter which asks:

Use Math.random to produce two positive one-digit integers. The program
should then display a question in the status bar, such as "How much is
6 times 7?"
The student then types the answer into the JTextField. Next, the
program checks the student's answer. If it is correct, draw the string
"Very Good!" on the applet and ask another multiplication question. If
the answer is wrong, draw the string "No, Please try again." on the
applet and let the student try the same question repeatedly until the
student finally gets it right. A seperate method should be used to
generate each new question. This method should be called once when the
applet begins execution and each time the user answers the question
correctly. All drawing on the applet should be performed by the paint

I have a rough version which I have copy-pasted below. As a first step,
I shall be very thankful if somebody could guide me how to get the
question and the text field at the same time when I run the code. I
shall work on the rest of the code after getting that into my head!

Also if there is any fundamental problem with the code, please point it

The code:

// Question 6.31 Author: Roohbir Singh MBCS
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;

public class KidsEducation extends JApplet implements ActionListener
   final int SIZE = 2;
   JTextField inputField;
   JLabel prompt;

   // set up GUI components
   public void init()
      prompt = new JLabel( "Enter answer:" );
      inputField = new JTextField( SIZE );
      inputField.addActionListener( this );
      Container container = getContentPane();
      container.setLayout( new FlowLayout() );
      container.add( prompt );
      container.add( inputField );

    } // end method init

   public int question()
    int value1, value2;

    // pick random integer between 1 and 9
      value1 = 1 + ( int ) ( Math.random() * 9 );
      value2 = 1 + ( int ) ( Math.random() * 9 );
      showStatus("How much is " + x + " times " + y + " ?");


   // call method question if user input is within range
   public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent actionEvent )
      int inputNumber = Integer.parseInt( inputField.getText() );
      if ( inputNumber == 0 )
      showStatus( "Point is: " );

   } // end method actionPerformed

} // end class KidsEducation

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