Re: Giving an application a window icon in a sensible way

Patricia Shanahan <>
Thu, 23 Nov 2006 13:23:32 GMT
Twisted wrote: wrote:


You will also be able to set up an use a continous integration
server that will periodically check out your code (assuming you are
running a version control system like CVS and subversion... and if not,
you should be)

For a one-person project? You're joking. It would take me weeks to
learn to use such a complex tool, and then I have to operate some kind
of a server, then some kind of equally unfamiliar client ... that even
has *security* implications, since I have to make sure that the server
isn't visible to the outside world if I start running a server of some


My current project is a one-person project, part of my academic
research. I keep a subversion repository for it on a university server,
which provides both a revision history and an off-site backup. I use an
ssh tunnel so that the files in transfer to/from the server are encrypted.

If I didn't want an off-site backup, I would do revision control locally.

For one thing, it gives one great freedom to experiment. If I want to
try something out, I make sure I'm fully checked in, and do it. If it
doesn't work out, I just revert the previous version.

I realize that this may not be a good time to experiment with revision
control for you, but do not eliminate the idea just because you are
working on a one-person project. I don't think it would take you weeks
to learn.


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