Re: Giving an application a window icon in a sensible way

Patricia Shanahan <>
Thu, 23 Nov 2006 15:47:22 GMT
Twisted wrote:

Patricia Shanahan wrote:

My current project is a one-person project, part of my academic
research. I keep a subversion repository for it on a university server,
which provides both a revision history and an off-site backup. I use an
ssh tunnel so that the files in transfer to/from the server are encrypted.

And you probably wouldn't if the following weren't true:
a) You were already familiar with this sort of thing, as a result of
larger projects;

I might well have learned about it from other people's experience. I
found out about a lot of the tools and techniques I use by listening to
other programmers, reading newsgroup articles, etc.

b) All of this stuff, including the hosting, you were not paying extra

I did revision control locally for my home programming projects even
when I did not have access to a server I could use for non-work
purposes. I did other things, such as keeping backup tapes in my car or
a safe deposit box, to get off-site backup.

c) You're familiar enough with setting up things like ssh tunnels and
security precautions to trust yourself to do this stuff without
screwing it up and letting every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a rootkit
and subscription to 2600 get in by mistake.

I learned ssh tunneling for my current project. That is not particularly
significant because some project was first for every single tool,
technique, programming language, API etc. that I have ever used.

I realize that this may not be a good time to experiment with revision
control for you, but do not eliminate the idea just because you are
working on a one-person project. I don't think it would take you weeks
to learn.

I never said I was "eliminating the idea", only questioning its being
anything but overkill and added work for little gain in the context of
this specific project.

I must have misinterpreted your comment "For a one-person project?
You're joking.". I read it as meaning you thought that revision
control is a joke for one-person projects, and wanted to make sure you
realize that it definitely isn't.


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