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Lars Enderin <>
Sat, 05 Jan 2008 20:15:19 GMT
<> skrev:

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On Dec 22, 3:12 am, Lars Enderin <> wrote: skrev:> On Dec 20, 10:53 am, Lars Enderin

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Hint: write != post.

Irrelevant. The word "write" did not even appear in the material that
you quoted.

Somewhere upthread, Bent indicated that he used emacs to write posts. He
has also told us that he uses trn to read and post news. That does not
mean that he uses emacs to post.

Sure it does. It means he sometimes uses emacs and sometimes uses trn.
Your first sentence and your third contradict one another, while your
second is orthogonal to both.

Well, once again I may be taking away some of Bent's fun by
explaining this, but oh well:

trn is a program for reading and posting news. It does not
itself (as far as I know) provide features for composing posts;
for that it invokes the user's text editor of choice. For Bent,
I assume that would be emacs. (For me, it's vim.) So, as I
understand it, he's composing his posts with emacs, and using trn [*]
to post them.

[*] Or some other program it calls. If I remember the details right,
actual posting of articles is done by some other script (Pnews?),
invoked by trn.

I believe there is a more-purely-emacs way to read and post news
("gnus"?), but as I understand it, Bent tried that, didn't like
it, and went back to the combination of trn and emacs.

I have found that even this kind of careful explanation is summarized by
Twisted by words like "irrelevant" and "nasty". Sometimes, however, I
think Bent assumes too much Twisted intelligence with his cryptic
answers. In the "convert" subthread(s), it was not quite fair to assume
that Twisted would know about "convert" or related commands, since it
seems not to be distributed with all Linux variants, even. I had to
download and install ImageMagick, and now I have convert, identify, etc.
My Ubuntu distribution repositories had some references to ImageMagick,

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