Re: File browser

Lew <>
Wed, 06 Feb 2008 21:26:54 -0500
Peter Duniho wrote:

if someone else can't state in a simple way what might "trigger something to run on the EDT"
before any of my components are shown,
why should I think that the statement that it could happen is reliable?

Consider the source. (Sun itself, and other authoritative writers.)

Honestly, I've never run into such a resistance to having something
actually _explained_, except when the person doing the explaining isn't
actually sure themselves of what they are trying to say. I am starting
to suspect that you have no concrete idea of what might actually go wrong.

Honestly, I've never run into such a resistance to accepting the explanation,
nor to doing the work necessary to follow through on the material presented.

I know what *might* go wrong - you might have an improper value displayed in a
control, for example. You might have a control not be visible at all - it
depends on the work that's being done.

But I haven't seen these in practice, which is why I give you what I *do* have
a concrete idea of, and that is that reliable, authoritative sources have
stated that the multi-threaded nature of GUIs requires the proper
synchronization. There's no need to go all snarky on me or anyone else here
for trying to help you with the knowledge that we do possess.

I know that the link I posted gave *me* some hints as to how to construct an
example that would display problems if the EDT weren't respected. I'm sorry
that you couldn't get the same value.


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