Re: File browser

Lew <>
Wed, 06 Feb 2008 21:38:47 -0500
Peter Duniho wrote:

It does reliably demonstrate the potential for a
problem that could occur when your own code intentially puts something
for execution on the EDT, but it doesn't help me better understand how
someone could unintentionally have something execute on the EDT prior to
any components being visible.

You have it the wrong way 'round. The problem with lack of synchronization
with the EDT is not that we'll have something unintentionally run on the EDT,
it's that we'll not have something run on the EDT that we intended to.

Any time you get your code to be called on the EDT, you are now in control.
Until your code returns, you remain in control.

We do not have control of the EDT because it's run by an autonomic event loop
that is not controlled by the main thread. We only have control of the
callback contexts that we create, but they run under the aegis of the EDT; the
EDT doesn't run under the aegis of any thread we write.

invokeLater() puts the requested functor into the queue, so to speak, for the
event loop to execute at its schedule, not ours as programmers.


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