Re: Split group?

John Ersatznom <j.ersatz@nowhere.invalid>
Tue, 26 Dec 2006 19:57:22 -0500
PofN wrote:

Get your facts straight. [snip]

Whoa. Lotta hostility for a simple and non-judgmental suggestion of mine.

Java is mainly used on the server, and it is big on phones. At least in
Europe, the US typically being five to ten years behind in wireless
phone trends. You call that esoterica. I call Java SE and Java on the
desktop esotherica.

Yes, but you're obviously weird or something. Besides, basic Java
programming is applicable in all of these areas, except sometimes
micro-edition cases. Stuff involving the rules for int promotion, for
example, or collections classes, or generics, apply to any Java
deployment; stuff involving getting your EJBs from your Oracle server to
your Java-written client software and the like is rather specific to
programming client/server systems.

programmING != programmER

If you have a point here, you apparently forgot to include it in your

Today many posters are to stupid to select the best newsgroup and
instead crosspost or multipost to every existing group. Even when there
is clearly an appropriate group. Do you have any evidence that this
will change when groups are rearranged? Did I miss the outbreak of a
clue epidemic?

I evidently missed the outbreak of a netkkkopping and newbie-denigrating
epidemic, and I am now placing you under quarantine. Goodday.

P.S. Anyone who calls other people "stupid" and clearly wishes to banish
half the population from the internet at the same time they are getting
their "to"s and "too"s mixed up doesn't deserve net access. So please
unplug your modem, and go have a happy New Year in a nice Amish village
or something and don't come back.

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