Re: Split group?

John Ersatznom <j.ersatz@nowhere.invalid>
Tue, 26 Dec 2006 23:38:29 -0500
Arne Vajh?j wrote:

John Ersatznom wrote:

Juha Laiho wrote:

clj.beans and clj.corba are admittedly of low traffic; it might be
possible to
get those removed. However, beans seem to be a construct which every
now and
then rises into the general interest in some form, so I would be careful
when deciding on removal of that group. clj.databases, on the other
is a live group, and stays very nicely on topic. If we just could get
rest of Java&database-related discussion from clj.programmer into the
correct group..

Discussion of Enterprise beans and of Netbeans occurs daily in c.l.j.p
right now, so I don't think beans aren't "in the general interest in
some form", but they don't seem to get discussed in .beans either ... :)

Neither EJB's or NetBeans are "beans" in normal Java meaning.

If you define the "normal Java meaning" by the pattern of actual usage
of "beans" and "foobeans", they're actually more "normal" than the
GUI-widget beans of yore. In any event, "the beans that contribute the
most traffic to this group" might be contributing enough to be worth
splitting off, when combined with their being of limited general
interest to non-bean-using programmers. I have, for instance, no current
problems on my programming plate that I foresee investigating using any
kind of beans to solve. A quick Google shows that they don't even relate
much to each other; one's an IDE/framework thingamabob (and I have a
perfectly good IDE already) and the other's involved in client/server
apps, while the original beans apparently are gui widgets with only
Visual Basic style minimalistic glue code needed to couple them together
into simple toy applications, explaining their low status.

Of course, my current problems mainly involve numerical simulation and
high-throughput computation (yes, it's actually possible in Java, albeit
nontrivial, and you get benefits from Java like easy portability, less
micromanaging of memory, and ease of bolting on a GUI for the low-end of
the IQ pool of end users). If I branch into network-intensive stuff I
expect I might have use for EJBs at some point, but that time is
certainly not now.

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