Re: Casting

Mark Space <>
Mon, 24 Dec 2007 14:15:18 -0800
dummy wrote:

I have a J2ME KVM and I would to build a fake byte[] that "covers" all
the RAM without creating the real size byte[] array (because of the
limit size heap).

With this byte[] I need to read few hundred bytes from RAM.

I don't know J2ME, but the regular version of Java has ByteBuffer which
can allocate system buffers. Check out the allocateDirect() method in
that class. The idea is that the ByteBuffer just "points" at the system
buffer, and allows the Java program to manipulate it. But pointers are
never exposed. Take a look at the ByteBuffer class, it might provide a
model for you.

If you're trying to do some sort of memory mapped IO, good luck. I know
even less about that. You'll almost certainly have to get into JNI on
your platform. Unless you are reading data (in which case you should
use a model like ByteBuffer above), you should probably make a class
which wraps the logic you need (not just raw bytes) and have those class
methods make JNI calls.

Or there could be some jme.ez.memory package out there, I have no idea.

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