Re: Casting

Patricia Shanahan <>
Tue, 25 Dec 2007 06:01:39 -0800
dummy wrote:

?WTake the
next step: Why do you need these few hundred bytes, and what
do you expect to find in them? ?WThat is, stop talking about
the trees and tell us about the forest: What are you trying
to do?

O, that is no the secret - I need the GSM-module info about available
"GSM-base-stations" and its "cells"

This problem has been solved for some phones in the context of PlaceLab, You may be able to use parts of their libraries,
or at least copy their implementation strategy. I believe they use JNI
and a small piece of native code.

However, you may find you can't get at the information you want,
depending on the cellular service provider's strategies. Some of them
would like to keep a tight hold on anything that can be used to deduce

I have not looked at the implementation of PlaceLab, but my research is
in a related area and I know some of the people involved, so if you have
questions after you have looked the code I may be able to pass them on
to an expert.


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