Re: preprocessor idea

Robert Klemme <>
Tue, 11 Oct 2011 21:57:12 +0200
On 10/11/2011 08:19 PM, Philipp Kraus wrote:

I use within my Java code different external libraries (DLL), so I have
create a string array with their names
so the libraries can be load with System.load / System.loadLibrary.

That's the wrong approach IMHO: make the interface classes load the DDL
they need at class load time (e.g. in a static initializer block). This
best fits the Java model of dynamically deciding what code to use.

I build the libraries (C++ code) with a toolchain and I use a lot of
preprocessor commands within
the C++ code, so I can enable or disable some function and so the using
of the libraries eg: >


Why do you want to decide this in C++ land?

#ifdef lib1

#ifdef lib2

So my Java code must load lib1 and lib2 if both defs are set. Java does
not support any preprocessor
flags, but in this case I need a tip for creating a flexiable Java code
during the class is compiled
(eg: ifdef1 = true => String[] javaarray = {"lib1"}). Do you know any
idea for this problem?

Again, IMHO this is the wrong approach: you should create your libraries
with all the functionality you need and only determine via Java classes
which are used or not used what DLLs are loaded and used.

If you really want to make the decision in C++ land you could use your
preprocessor to have different variants of a JNI method which returns
information which lets you determine in Java which DLL's to load. You
could have a native method which returns a String[] with DLL names etc.

Kind regards


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