Re: JSTL - $variablename not working

Lew <>
Wed, 25 Apr 2007 08:11:35 -0400
jill wrote:

Please let me know why below code is ot worknig and how to solve it.

     <c:when test='${(status.index)%2 eq 0}'>
      <c:set var="rowColor" value="even" scope="page"/>

 <tr class="${rowColor}">

 I get "${rowcolor}" in html for above line of code -- <tr class="$

I doubt it very much. I would believe you got "${rowColor}", though.

But <c:out value="${rowColor}"/> is worknig fine.

So my question is how to display rowcolor in for class with c:out?

How is var="rowColor" set when the c:when condition fails?

Your question would be easier for us to approach if you posted an SSCCE.

You might be working with a version of JEE that only accepts EL in JSTL
constructs. Since <tr> is not a JSTL tag, it wouldn't parse the EL expression
in that scenario.

<p><c:out value="${rowColor}"/></p>

in a test page (which you could post as an SSCCE). What do you get?

What is your platform?


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