Re: jsp:getProperty question

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Arne_Vajh=F8j?= <>
Tue, 10 Nov 2009 20:51:32 -0500
Ken wrote:

On Oct 28, 7:51 pm, Arne Vajh?j <> wrote:

Arne Vajh?j wrote:

The bean need to be available in one of the scopes.
The only way of doing that in pure JSP is to use the useBean tag.
But you can also make it available from scriptlet Java code or from a
servlet or from some code called by a servlet.
BTW, with EL then I would consider the getProperty tag to be

Well not quite true. If you set the property with something other
than page scope then it apparantly has be with useBean !

(at least with my Tomcat version)


<%@ page import="test.C" %>
request.setAttribute("v1a", new C("foo"));
session.setAttribute("v2a", new C("foo"));
application.setAttribute("v3a", new C("foo"));
pageContext.setAttribute("v4a", new C("foo"));
<jsp:useBean id="v1b" scope="request" class="test.C"/>
<jsp:setProperty name="v1b" property="s" value="bar"/>
<jsp:useBean id="v2b" scope="session" class="test.C"/>
<jsp:setProperty name="v2b" property="s" value="bar"/>
<jsp:useBean id="v3b" scope="application" class="test.C"/>
<jsp:setProperty name="v3b" property="s" value="bar"/>
<jsp:useBean id="v4b" scope="page" class="test.C"/>
<jsp:setProperty name="v4b" property="s" value="bar"/>
foo<jsp:getProperty name="v1b" property="s"/><br/>
foo<jsp:getProperty name="v2b" property="s"/><br/>
foo<jsp:getProperty name="v3b" property="s"/><br/>
<jsp:getProperty name="v4a" property="s"/><jsp:getProperty name="v4b"

Hmm... when I use the <jsp:getProperty>

The JSPs Java file has an error on the line:
(_jspx_page_context.findAttribute("member"), "email")));

It states:
string:/// cannot find symbol
symbol : variable apache
location: class businessLogic.Organization

Why is this line being generated?

The lines tries to get a property member in a bean with id email.

I am wondering more about what the variable apache is!

What version of Tomcat are you using?

The point isn't to create an iteration tag, I am just trying to
understand functional relationships between tags... But I didn't know
JSTL could address iteration, so I'll look into that after I
understand this issue. Because right now I have some really ugly JSPs/
Servlets need a beautiful stick and I think custom tags and probably
JSTL is the way to go.

JSTL and EL is definitely the way to go.

Custom tags may be the way to go if you need something not covered
by JSTL.


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