Re: EL expressions error

Mark Space <>
Wed, 30 Jan 2008 06:17:12 GMT
faraz_mit wrote:

Hi, we just moved over all of our information to a new server. The web
app is served by Resin. After, relaunching the application, I noticed
we have the following error and have no idea where it's coming from:
EL expression '${searchEntry}' is only allowed for attributes with
rtexprvalue='true'. 261:

And since most of our pages contain an EL expression, we get a similar
error on every page.
Any help would be seriously appreciated.

What version of the JSTL spec does your container support? That's #1 I

Second, EL is a library that needs to be downloaded and install, then
you have to configure the web.xml file for it. I'm not going to give
you details because it appears to be different depending on exactly how
your container supports EL or who the vendor is. Do a search on "j2ee
EL options enable" with out the quotes and you'll get some reasonable
search hits.

It might be as simple as asking your host to enable EL for your web app.

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