Re: EL and regular expression

Daniel Pitts <>
Sun, 28 Feb 2010 15:36:47 -0800
On 2/28/2010 8:23 AM, Lew wrote:

francan wrote:

I tried the below and it worked and got no error but it didnt
substitute the value joe2222 for joe where the \d should replace the

Don't you mean it didn't substitute the value "joe" for "joe2222"? (You
substitute the new for the old; you replace the old with the new.)

<c:set var="info" value="joe2222" />
Here are results = ${fn:replace(info,'\\d+','')}

Are you sure you have the right number of backslashes?

It seems like you haven't researched how many layers translate strings,
replacing doubled backslashes with single ones. Programming requires
looking up documentation for the tools you use, in addition to just
trying stuff to see what happens. The expression-language parser
probably does that, the 'fn:replace' tag probably does that and the Java
parser certainly does that. I don't know the number myself off the top
of my head (I'd have to look up the docs), but I suspect that there are
three doublings going on.

Actually, I'm fairly certain that the string in JSP is the same as in
Java, so "\\d+" would be correct. Now, the I wonder if fn:replace
actually takes a regex. I don't think it does.

Even when you do just try stuff, you should track what you changed and
what was the exact behavior you got, against the exact behavior you wanted.

Speaking of which, your question provides very little data on which to
base an answer. You hint at the behavior you want and you completely
omit the behavior you got.

You should follow the guidelines set forth in

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