Re: Example - using web-start API to access files

"Andrew Thompson" <>
11 Jan 2007 23:24:11 -0800
Andrew Thompson wrote:

The 'File test - web-start API' example now has
a web page description/launch/download at..

The example also attempts to claim a file
association for file-type '.zzz' to demonstrate
how the JNLP file API behaves when the
application is invoked due to openning (e.g.
double clicking) an associated file (& it is
quite odd).

The handling of 'double click - open' files has been
significantly improved in 1.5/1.6
1.5 - We can avoid the file chooser - but the user is
still prompted for allowing the action.
1.6 - /Apparently/ the end user is not even prompted
(given they *chose* to associate those files with
the application, and double-clicked on one, it makes
no sense to ask "Are you *really* sure?")

Comments and test results most welcome.

Note that I cannot test the 'JWS 1.6' aspect of it on
this box at the moment, because when I double click
a file ..I get JWS *1.5* launching a *1.6* JVM!

Can anybody else confirm the (JWS) 1.6 behaviour
for me?

(Note that the '.zzz' file format the application claims,
can be 'any old text file'. Just rename an existing one,
for the test)

Andrew T.

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