Re: How can I view a JDBC application created on an Applet in a Browser

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 21 May 2007 06:29:26 GMT
<727eb96f8a744@uwe> wrote:

Hello all and thanks to all that try to help me.

Here is my case. I am working on Project for a Java programming class.
I have created some JDBC applications that query a MySQL database and
they work perfectly when i run them through appletviewer as JApplets,

Applets are a lot more difficult to debug and deploy
than applications.

or as JFrame. The only problem is that when i attempt to run them from
the browser ...

URL? Where can we visit this problem applet?

..I get an error message something like "Database driver
cannot be found" .

Something like? Please don't waste your time and our
bandwidth with errors that are 'something like' what is
happening. Always be very specific, and then state
along the lines of 'the error *is*..'.

...Im pretty sure that this is a security issue with
the browser not allowing the applet access the database driver

Most likely. What is the applet element in the web page of
the URL you had not mentioned? What errors are reported
in the Java console?

..My project is a website that uses MySQL as a backend, so i
really need to run my applications on a browser.

That is not true. An application, or a web started application or
applet, can also access the information or DB on the web site.
While the application itself is difficult to load from a web page,
a web start application is simplicity itself - and probably a better
approach to the entire 'remote user access DB' problem.

Here is an example of a web started application/applet.

So my question is how can i run my applications on a Browser?

Start by answering the questions above, there is not
enough information yet, to tell for sure.

..Do I
have to install a web server such as apache?

No. If the problem is as we suspect, it is simply a matter
of ensuring the DB and applet codebase* is the same server.
* All the jar's for the code and drivers.

Andrew Thompson

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