Re: Web start on os X : Cannot open associated file.

"Andrew Thompson" <>
31 Jan 2007 10:14:40 -0800
On Feb 1, 3:45 am, laurent <> wrote:

Andrew Thompson a =E9crit :


On Feb 1, 12:02 am, laurent <> wrote:

With "Java Web Start", I can associate a custom file type with a Java
application ...


OTOH, I think it is premature to make any
definitive statements without a validation of
your JNLP file


Also, I have my very own example of usage
of the JNLP API file associations, it is
sandboxed (uses the FileOpen/SaveService)
and small, and I would appreciate test results
from both Win. and Mac. (and Linux).

It is here..


I have tested filetest.jnlp ( on
os X and it give the following result : When a *.zzz file is double
clicked, the program is started but the file itself isn't opened.

:-( Thanks for the result. I take it, it works for you on Win.?

However, when "Java Web Start" application is launched from shell (on
Max.) with proper arguments , it behaves as expected. For example the
following command :

javaws filetest.jnlp -open test.zzz

will start filetest application and display test.zzz file.

That is good to know..

Maybe the problem relies on the "*.app" "shortcut" which is created by
"Java Web Start". A workaround could be to associate *.zzz file to a
script which launch "Java Web Start" with proper arguments.

OK - but that is hardly as good as 'having webstart
do it for us/the user - without further fuss'.

Here is my jnlp file for validation :

* It is good you posted it, even to my eye it is
not valid, and once you have an invalid JNLP
file, you can rely on nothing beyond that..

<!-- JNLP File for STM Image Processor -->


  <resources os="Mac">
    <j2se version="1.5+" initial-heap-size="256m" max-heap-size="51=



   <!-- spell it correctly -->

  <resources os="Win">
    <j2se version="1.6+" initial-heap-size="256m" max-heap-size="51=



   <!-- spell it correctly -->

   <application-desc main-class="imgproc.ImgProcessor"/>

Andrew T.

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