Re: website that access harddrive, webcam and network

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:16:11 GMT
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want to write an applet/application embedded in a website, that can
access users networking, file system and the web cam. The applet/
application should be able to interact with other website components
using Javascript.

Does Java webstart the job?

No. JWS based applications or applets cannot be
controlled (or configured) using JavaScript. Perhaps this
demo. of the applet and application forms of JTest can
describe it better for you..

- Access harddrive. ok

Yep. JWS apps. can do that if signed and trusted,
but if using the JNLP API to access files, it can even be
achieved in a sandboxed app. See demo here..

- Access networking. ?

Yep. JWS sandboxed apps. can 'phone home' to the
originating server. Fully trusted apps. can access any
site (assuming the site itself allows access to Java apps.).

- Access webcam.?

Yup. Requires a signed and trusted app., Sun is not
about to allow 'us' to 'eavesdrop' on the user without
full trust.

- Embedded in a website and interacting with other components. ?

That is the tricky bit. It is basically only open to
either an..
a) Applet embedded in a web page**. Or less 'interactive'..
b) Java Web Start apps. that are configured on the
fly using an active server to generate unique launch
(JNLP) files.

** Trying to get any sort of applet working in an embedded
web page (reliably) is difficult enough, throw in JS interaction,
and you are looking at 'a world of trouble'.

Or is there another way to do this besides writing my own browser

* Note that the word 'I' is always Upper Case in English.
*Always* - no exceptions.

Oh, and my slang use of 'Yep' and 'Yup' simply translates
to 'Yes'.

Andrew Thompson

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