Re: Add a Hyperlink to a File

"Andrew Thompson" <>
22 Mar 2007 19:38:48 -0700
On Mar 23, 6:35 am, "Sergio" <> wrote:

I tried what you suggested, first the hyperlink listener, the problem
is that you have to add code in the hyperlink for it to work,

Oh, if I'd known you did not want to do any
coding, I'd have recommended elance.

mean... the hyperlink listener kinda rises an event, so I still need
to add code for the hyperlink to open the PDF and I don't know how to
tell the host system to open the PDF.

Try this link..
<> should open a small app. on-screen.
Then paste this URL into the JTextField, ..
...and hit 'enter'.

Well, the showDocument() function works but only with web pages

Did you confirm that locally? Where is your code?
What is your system description? How did it fail?

...or are you just making this up as you go along?

even if it worked with files the function needs the entire URL and I
canot foretell the drive of the CD drive the user will have or even if
he'll be running the program from the CD.

Can you get a File handle to the PDF of interest?
I understood that you could. If that is the case,
converting it to URL is simple, if not, you need
to solve that first.

..Have been peeking in other
applications similar to the want I want to design but looks like no
buddy have ever made something like this.

It is quite common and aesy.

If you happen to come across with the solution to how to tell the host
system to open a file and you can lend it to me I will be very

Most of the solution has been laid out for you
in my first post. If you had taken the time to
try some of the things to which I linked.

...You can contact me via e-mail if you would prefer.

You can pay me consultancy rates, if you prefer,
or we can continue this here, for free. But here,
I expect you to read my replies carefully, and try
the examples that I link to.

As an aside, you will get better help from me if you
turn your "I can't do that" moaning into "How do I do

Andrew T.

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