Re: Accessing the name of the CLASS/JAR file invoked

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 08 Oct 2007 15:25:06 GMT
Patricia Shanahan wrote:


..kind of like a self-extracting archive ..

My advice on that is "don't". For good deployment
options, see Java web start. Here are some examples.


No matter how good an option Java web start is ..for programs that can use
it, it is not a universal solution.

Considering the %age of desk-top. apps that *can*
be deployed using web start, I'd prefer to deal with
other cases as they 'arise'. Or to put that more
specifically, when the OP replies (usually in irritation)
that they 'have already considered web start'* and
it is no good because.. (insert reasons here).

* Often, from some earlier discussion I'd had with
them, but entirely forgotten.

..See my case of a batch program that
needs to run with no user interaction and no GUI.

Yes, that was a good example, but that was *your*
use-case. I would like to hear it from the OP, what
*their* use-case is.

Andrew Thompson

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