Re: How to make something runnable from the web

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sun, 08 Apr 2007 03:52:49 GMT
jt wrote:

I created a jar file which I can run from the command line using the
java -jar commmand.
What I want to know is, can I make my jar file runnable using javaws
from my web site?

Yes. Note that applications and applets that are
launched using web start gain a 'security sandbox'
that is like the one in which a standard applet is run
in a browser, so for example, if your application
needs file access, or to contact another 'foreign'
site (just two examples of many), the code will need
to be signed and trusted by the end user (or alternately,
you can use services of the web start based JNLP API,
to do some of those things with unsigned code.

..I've never used javaws and I think my app needs to be
a .jnlp?

Correct. The server also needs to send a correct
'content type' for the JNLP file, but that is usually
either already set up, or easy to configure.

..How do I make that happen?

There are some good docs. available via the Sun site
(look for the JNLP specification, and other docs. available
at the Sun pages devoted to web start).

I also have some complete examples that can be
downloaded. <>
The first examples at the top of the page all include
an ant style 'build.xml' designed to compile/launch
the project, and to create the JNLP file.

Do you run ant (or any major IDE like Eclipse, or NetBeans)?

Andrew Thompson

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